About Us

Welcome to Ozzie Boulder Opals.

Opals have always fascinated my family. I fell in love with this unique stone when I visited the dry ironstone plains of Queensland Australia over 40 years ago when I was a young teenager.

The colours are amazing, even more amazing when you move the opal and the patterns completely change.

Ozzie Boulder Opals has been operating since 1990. We source quality Australian Boulder Opals from all over Queensland and cut and polish our own stones.The opal is cut to enhance its qualities as we shape each one. Sometimes we get other people to cut for us so we can have such a diverse range.

We only sell SOLID opals and we do not sell Doublets and Triplets.

We sell directly to the public and also wholesale. We are not a broker and do not sell items on consignment.

Prices start from $40.00 for Australian Boulder Opals.

Thank you for visiting our site, enjoy!