1. What is Boulder Opal?
Boulder Opal is naturally formed solid opal which can be thick or in fine layers. It is often deposited on or in ironstone rock. Hence giving it extremely vibrant colours. It is often irregular in shape and each piece is completely individual. 90% of boulder opals are cut down into solid opals.

2. What is a Solid Opal?
Solid Opals are natural gemstones which are 100% opal many including potch or natural rock backs.

3. What is Matrix Opal?
Matrix Opal is a natural gemstone 100% opal and stone where the silica has run into the minute spaces in the opal or rock. Many matrix opals have a darker back which looks similar to black opal.

4. What is a Doublet? (We do NOT sell doublets)
A Doublet is a thin slice of opal with a black backing glued to the back. Doublets are typically inexpensive stones.

5. What is a Triplet? (We do NOT sell triplets)
A Triplet is a thin slice of opal with a black backing and a clear glass or quartz layer glued on top. Triplets are typically inexpensive stones and can fool the untrained eye into thinking they are solid opals.

6. Where do our opals come from?
We source our opals from the Great Artesian Basin (dry ironstone plains) in South West Queensland Australia.

7. How old are opals?
Opals were formed in the cretaceous period approximately 65 to 140 million years ago.

8. Can I wear solid or boulder opals in water?
YES, solid opals only (not doublet or triplets).